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 I’m an Independent Insurance Agent which means I work with many top rated companies to present the right coverage and most competitive rates to my clients.  Aflac (the duck!) is a big part of my business.
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The Truth about Insurance: 

 “It’s a waste of money UNTIL YOU NEED IT!” J

Some have too much, others not enough.  …What about you?

My philosophy:   Don’t get insurance for anything you can handle on your own.  Only get what you absolutely need to get through a catastrophic situation .  (We need to talk: What would be catastophic to you?)

Why Supplemental Insurance?

A health crisis can be costly to a household no matter who it affects because of lost income.  (You’ll need more than a friend’s delicious casserole and good conversation while you’re recovering). 

What are the chances you’ll need it? 

    • 100% of us will die (duh). 
    • 25% of us will be disabled for a time and unable to work (How much have you saved for that?). 
    • 1 in 3 women will battle Cancer; 1 in 2 men (according to the American Cancer Society). And please don’t suggest that “it doesn’t run in the family”. 


So, self insure the things you can, but realize your limitations and the fact that
others are depending on you financially.

Let’s talk to make sure you have a good strategy.

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